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Structure Evaluation and Reports

Captive Insurance Structure Evaluation and Reports

A second opinion can be priceless

It doesn’t matter if your client has been in a captive for years or if they are just considering forming one now — we can help. Our assessments not only identify and explain potential issues/causes for concern, but we also provide an unbiased plan to remedy — even if it’s shutting down/exiting a captive or stopping the formation process altogether.

Just as the businesses of your valuable clients change, so does the insurance industry and laws that govern it. For existing arrangements, we’ll perform a deep dive into the current captive and compare it against best practices - providing a comprehensive report to help ensure that everything is as it should be.

For those considering entry into a captive insurance arrangement, we’ll provide an unbiased review of what’s been proposed. Our work will help ensure that your client is aware of the pros and cons of what’s been offered, allowing them to make an educated decision on what’s best for their business.

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