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Fronting and Reinsurance

Captive Fronting and Reinsurance

A-rated paper for captives of all shapes and sizes

The inability of captives to underwrite and issue policies on A-rated paper (on both an admitted and/or non-admitted status) can put a quick halt in an insured’s desire to participate in risk and premium. Captives Insure underwrites and provides turn-key fronted captive programs and is reinsured by AM Best rated carriers for the following classes of business:

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Additional classes of business include...

Our experts will use their experience to quickly and efficiently underwrite solutions for your captive fronting and captive reinsurance needs. We use our technical and structural expertise to keep expenses down, underwriting profit up, and get your program appropriately sized for your risk.

With a focus on underwriting profit and market viability, our captive fronting and captive reinsurance consultation services typically include, but are not limited to, the following:

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